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ProReal in Education

With pressures on both young people and the services to support them increasing, technology like ProReal is proving to be a fantastic resource, with the potential to have rapid, cost-effective, positive impact on student mental health.

In its first phase, ProReal was a tool used in business for coaching and team-building. As the software, and research into the use of technology in therapeutic settings, developed, ProReal began to be used by Health and Social Care organisations. The most recent sector to start using ProReal is in Education.

Our research over the past two years has included studies looking at avatar-based counselling in a school setting, avatar-based therapy for young people with eating disorders and a case-study of virtual reality use in CAHMS. Information about these studies can be found on our Research page.

ProReal’s Avatar-based counselling is associated with significant reductions in psychological distress at a level approximating that of the other school-based counselling interventions young people with anxiety, depression, trauma and eating disorders.

ProReal may be a useful tool in supporting therapeutic work with a range of clients, in particular young men and clients who may find verbal expression difficult.

Proud to be working and collaborating on research with:

Find out more about our research into how young people engage with ProReal. For a longer version of this video, click here. We also have videos on the following, related, subjects:

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