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ProReal in Action, Creating Better Conversations

31 Oct 2017

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Better conversations. ProReal is now used by a number of organisations and when we look across these, the main benefit is all about facilitating better conversations in teams, particularly across geographically dispersed teams. We thought we'd share a few examples to bring this to life.

Our work with IBM has been ongoing for several years now. Here ProReal is used as a tool to support coaching across Europe as part of a global leadership development programme. We surveyed the coachees recently – senior leaders which take part in a 6-8 week programme of remote coaching, 100% of respondents said they gained new insights from the coaching and would recommend this to others. Overall, the experience was rated 9/10. As one of the coachees said "The immersive nature of the software far exceeded my expectations. It did not feel at all geeky and you almost forgot it was technology by the end."

HP used ProReal in a recent team workshop where they were looking into a major sales opportunity and how to organise themselves to win the bid. Their team leader, a senior manager in HP UK said "As a result of the workshop we have now adopted a modified strategy to winning the business and identified a major stakeholder (and more importantly modelled their state). Without ProReal, this would have been missed or not fully understood. The level of interaction that the tool facilitated and the results we have achieved are really excellent - well worth the investment. The session has allowed me to report internally to my management a higher confidence in winning the deal and it is now classified as a probable win."

With Motorola Solutions, their HR team are using ProReal to facilitate a number of 1:1 and group meetings, and they are working both face to face and online. They are using avatars to help with problem solving and to support better communications in and around projects. As their HR Director said “ProReal will be a great support in individual and team processes we are leading.”

Last but by no means least, one of the Big Four accounting/consulting companies has completed a pilot of ProReal, and now plans to roll this out for both 1:1 and team working.

If you want to find out how your business could benefit from using ProReal, please drop us an email at or message us on Twitter @ProRealVR


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